The Most Affordable Sound Bars: Let’s Check Them


We have to face this: many sound bars are way too expensive for the average Joe. If you are in the same boat yet would like to get an awesome sound bar, then you still buy it. We will present you today some of the best budget-friendly options the market has to offer.

All you need to do is to tune yourself up and read this article from beginning till end, because you are about to discover the best affordable sound bars. Just come with us and learn!


Razer Leviathan:

If you are into gaming, then chances are the Razer name is familiar to you. You should know that this company is trying to get into the sound bars niche as well, and here they are to deliver you an excellent budget-friendly option.

What we love about this is the bass, which makes it fall perfectly into the group of top soundbars. Because it’s budget-friendly but at the same time the sound quality is above average, it’s simply cool and satisfying.

The design may not be the best but neither is it ugly. It’s just OK. We wish it could look better but this is what you get. For only $197 it doesn’t seem like a bad deal, to the contrary, this is one of the best affordable sound bars.

Edifier Cinesound B7:

Here we have another sound bar that you can buy for less than $200. It’s merely $199 but you won’t feel unsatisfied with your purchase, because the sound quality is great.

It’s a perfect upgrade for your TV and setting it up won’t drive you crazy, because it’s considered to be one of the easiest sound bars to set up. So if you want to get a sound bar that’s cheap, comes with a great sound quality and won’t drive you insane with the set-up, then you need to buy the Edifier Cinesound B7.


Now it’s time to talk about this great sound bar. Even though it’s more expensive than our previous options at $348 USD, if you can afford it then you should buy it. Why? Because for less than $400 you will get a sound bar that is comparable to some high-ticket options.

Again, the design is not its strongest point (it’s a common problem with entry-level sound bars in fact), but all you have to care about is the sound quality, and we have to tell you that it’s over average and definitively satisfying for the price.


We hope you found our list to be useful. We have presented you the best affordable sound bars, so if you were looking for top soundbars that are budget-friendly, then here you have three solid options.

Now that you have them, it’s time to go ahead and purchase the one that appeals you the most. We can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed, because each one of the options we have listed are proven to work very well.